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Miraculous Psychotherapy

Achieve Your Ultimate Happiness with

A Course in Miracles


As a psychotherapist, it is my vocation to explore the challenges and curiosities of life with my clients. We often begin with their most obvious problems. But to be truly useful, I’ve learned that we must eventually explore the existential depths of our being. No small task! But if we are willing, our teachers will appear, to lead us where weneed to go.

Let me share with you what I have learned along the way of such journeys. In this book I offer some of my personal experiences, as well as what I was taught by my profession and clients. Most importantly, I will share with you the gift called A Course In Miracles, and suggest how it can teach you to achieve your ultimate happiness.


 In this fascinating book, Gary Tiemann gives us a wonderful comparison of A Course in Miracles to major psychological approaches, some of which bear a striking resemblance to the Course. He also explains how he integrates the Course into his profession. Having known Gary for years, I can say he not only teaches these things but really lives them. I highly recommend this important work to all people who are on a spiritual path. 

Gary R. Renard,  author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy

 Miraculous Psychotherapy provides the most clear and concise descriptionof the tenets of A Course in Miracles that I have read. It is a valuabletreatise for psychotherapists, patients, seekers, and students of ACIM. 

 Walter Semkiw MD,  Founder of

In The Press


Gary Tiemann received his MSW from Louisiana State University in 1987. He started his social work career as an intern on the Mental Health Team at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. He went on to practice at various mental health hospitals and agencies as a case manager, staff therapist, and Program Administrator and Clinical Director. He has had a private psychotherapy practice in Shreveport, Louisiana for over twenty-five years. 



13 Dec 2019

Sponsored by the retired Social Workers of Baton Rouge

Reincarnation: An Introduction

Social Workers can earn 3 CEU's where I introduce the science and research of reincarnation and its relevance to Social Work.

07 Nov 2019

Shreveport's NASW Monthly Meeting

Reincarnation: The Anne Frank/Barbro Karlen Case

Socials Workers can earn 1 CEU and learn about this fascinating case.

11 Nov 2019

An Introduction at the League Of Women Voters of Shreveport Board Meeting

Politicians Identified in Reincarnation Cases

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12 Apr 2019

Sponsored by NASW in Lake Charles

Miraculous Psychotherapy!

Earn 3 CEU's while you learn how I integrate A Course In Miracles with psychotherapy!

31 May 2019

Sponsored by NASW in Alexandria, LA

Reincarnation, A Clinician's Perspective

Get 3 CEU's and learn the role of reincarnation in our work as social workers.

20 Mar 2019

Three day conference in Baton Rouge

2019 NASW-LA Conference

Calling all Mental Health Professionals to join us in the second largest NASW conference in the country. Over 600 attendees!  I get to lecture on reincarnation research and my book all three days.  See NASW-LA for details.

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